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Meri Provides Flow Sessions A Stripped Back & Atmospheric Mix Of House

She is a well-known DJ who plays everywhere from Europe to Africa.

Meri is known for her sets at events such as AfrikaBurn, and has links to communities including Utopia and Project Heart.

Meri is a talented DJ living in Turkey who is known for her eclectic sets that range from deep house to minimal techno. Her stripped back and atmospheric style incorporates soothing sounds that wash across the dance floor, while the techy percussion creates an infectious energy. Meri also has a soft spot for tracks that have organic sounds which link to her love of nature.

She is highly respected internationally, often playing in places like Europe, Africa and many regions of the Balkans. Meri is well-known for her epic DJ sets at iconic events such as AfrikaBurn, and she often lives a nomadic lifestyle that goes wherever the music takes her.

This extended 3 hour and 33 minute DJ set is a journey through sound that incorporates a couple of timeless classics as part of an expertly selected eclectic mix of house music, which at different points, is moody, deep, soulful and atmospheric.

Words from the artist:As I play my music and speak to you, I’m transported to a world where my words turn into a symphony of emotions. It’s an enchanting experience that I noticed while creating this mix for you. My voice transforms into a beautiful acoustic instrument, with the power to generate a unique sound that is both hypnotic and melodic. It’s amazing how every inflection, every intonation, and every pause can evoke a different emotion in the listener.

The combination of acoustic and electronic instruments adds layers of depth to the sound, creating a soothing and repetitive melody that can take you on a journey of introspection and reflection. With each passing moment, the rhythm changes, and the melody evolves, gradually lulling you into a trance-like state. It’s an experience that is both captivating and meditative, allowing you to immerse yourself in the present moment and tune out all distractions.

As I lose myself in this three-hour long set, I can’t help but wonder what you’re feeling and experiencing. Are you swept away by the melody, lost in a sea of emotions, or are you simply relaxing and enjoying the ride? Whatever the case may be, I hope this mix brings you peace and tranquillity, and that you find yourself moved by the power of music.”


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