Marbox Drops New EP ‘Unconventional’

The release is out now via Gain Records and features a remix by Mozzy Rekorder.

Marbox makes his debut on Sisko Electrofanatik’s Gain Records with a wonderful peak time techno release that also includes a remix by Mozzy Rekorder.

Prior to making his Gain Records debut, Marbox had featured tracks on other respected techno record labels including the likes of Spartaque’s Codex, Sam Paganini’s JAM and numerous others.

Based in the Italian city of Turin, Marbox’s style is a dark and driving mix of explosive percussion, industrial sounds and in-your-face synth lines.

There are two original cuts on this release plus a remix by Mozzy Rekorder who is well known to Gain Records fans, as he has featured on many of the label’s previous releases, plus other imprints such as Monika Kruse’s Terminal M and Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings.

The release opens with the title track “Unconventional” which has a sweeping dystopian synth layered with rattling percussion and a rumbling kick drum. Mozzy Rekorder’s version of Unconventional streamlines the percussion to make room for his own pulsating bass synth and adds an acid lead sound. His rework hits its crescendo in the tension of the main breakdown before the percussion slams in to create a drop of epic proportion. “Green Eyes Speaking” is his second original track, and it’s by far the hardest cut on the release with its oversized percussion, which is overlayered by eerie lead synths to create a heady contrast of moods that’s ideal for the dance floor.

Overall, a very well-produced release that really showcases Marbox talents as a producer, and Mozzy Rekorder’s remix is also an exceptional track that will no doubt find its way into lots of DJ sets.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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