Amir Telem Drops His New EP ‘Laws of Detachment’ Via Flow Music

The four-track release also includes remixes by Soul Button and Nōpi.

Flow Music’s record label presents a melodic house/techno release by Amir Telem featuring remixes from Soul Button and Nōpi.

We are excited to announce the tenth release on our Flow Music record label, and we have entered double figures with one of our strongest releases to date. It features original music from Amir Telem who’s an Israeli artist whose music covers a full range of melodic styles ranging from indie dance to progressive house and everything in between.

Amir Telem’s release for Flow Music features two melodic house tracks alongside remixes by Soul Button and Nōpi who each work their magic to create stunning reworks.

First of the original track “Laws of Detachment” has an organic sound palette with shuffling percussion rhythms and angelic vocal textures that add to its cinematic atmosphere.

Soul Button provides an alternative version of Laws of Detachment in the style that the German artist describes as ethereal techno. He releases most of his original music via his own record label Steyoyoke, and this remix switches the percussion for more tightly sequenced sounds, he also removes the organic textures to focus on the uplifting mood of the synths.

“Radesh” is the second track by Amir Telem and it’s much techier with low end synth stabs playing call and response with a sparkling top end synth. It’s got a tense atmosphere with building suspense and a cosmic vibe with expansive sound design.

Nōpi is an organic house artist from Ukraine who has released on labels such as Anjunadeep, All Day I Dream and Do Not Sit. His remix of “Radesh” adds lighter percussion and removes the heavy bass synths so the track has more of an airy feel which he augments with new shimmering melodies. It’s a very accomplished remix that showcases the young producer’s talent for making emotive music.

The release has already been well-received by DJs such as Be Svendsen, Eelke Kleijn, John Digweed, Sabo, Unders and Anthony Pappa.

You can pick up a copy HERE


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