Kit Webster Is One Of Australia’s Leading Visual Artists

He has designed audiovisual immersive environments for music festivals around the world.

Kit Webster is a visual artist who has installed audiovisual immersive environments at Australian festivals ranging from Pitch Festival to Sugar Mountain.

Music festivals are often a highlight of the year for most music fans, as not only are they often a chance to catch up with old friends or meet new people, they also condense multiple DJs and live acts into a single space to create an environment full of joyous sounds.

Music and socialising are not the only things that make festivals such a special occasion, as they are an experience that captivates all of the senses. Often there are unsung heroes who help create an immersive environment with decor and lighting that captures the imagination.

Decor and lighting helps enhance the music and make festival and gig attendees forget the stress and troubles of day to day life by helping create otherworldly environments.

For this reason, we have started a series to shine a spotlight on some of the people who create these environments, using décor, lighting or perhaps even the food that adds to the overall festival experience.

First in the series is Kit Webster who’s an Australian visual artist and lighting specialist that uses sculptures, video and lighting to create immersive experiences. He has worked with festivals and other large-scale music events across Australia and other parts of the world. He has also done installations for fashion shows and museums everywhere from France to America.

Brands such as Jeep, Chrysler, Oakley, Red Bull Racing and Jägermeister have also commissioned him to do art installations for product launches and events.

‘AXIOM’ is the title of Kit Webster’s latest stage project for festivals and music events and its concept is based on how “science defines boundaries, art reveals the boundless reality within.”

The installation is described as: “Emerging as three symmetrically aligned archways, Axiom presents a series of animations that envelop its contours and embody its volume. Within Axiom exists a transition between form and illumination; the intent being to cause the observer to reconsider the boundaries of what is virtual and what is actual.

“The animations and soundscape provides an evolving syncopated framework, moving from meditative pulsations to rapid percussions. As these audiovisual arrangements gradually unfold throughout the work, the symmetry of light, sound, space and time are explored, anatomised and re-invented. This contortion of compositional and choreographic techniques illustrates a deconstruction of materiality, with the objective of rebuilding it in an alternate mode. A dissection of space and time.

“Axiom breaks conventions by harnessing and re-appropriating the power of vision and software technologies to evoke a new form of non-linear experiential response, one that takes us on a trip to the threshold of perceptibility.

Axiom runs autonomously or can be piloted live by Kit Webster, who manipulates the generative real-time particles and the music simultaneously, providing an audio-visual synaesthetic performance.”

You can find more information about Kit Webster and his AXIOM project HERE.


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