Australian Artists The Journey Remix Boy Oh Boy’s ‘In Change’

The release also features a remix by Out of Sorts and is available now via the UGENIUS record label.

Boy Oh Boy has worked with labels ranging from Beat & Path to Get Physical.

UGENIUS is an Australian record label that has built a global reputation for being a quality source of melodic house and techno and the label’s new release is an EP from Boy Oh Boy.

Boy Oh Boy is a duo hailing from Germany and France, having started the project in 2017 when they were based in New Zealand, but they have since relocated to Lisbon in Portugal.

Their style ranges from Afro house to progressive house and they have featured their tracks on labels including Beat & Path, Get Physical and Atmosphere Records. Also contributing vocals to their latest release is Eleonora who’s also featured on other labels such as Katermukke when working with the likes of Nicone and Dirty Doering.

The release also features remixes by Out of Sorts and The Journey. Out of Sorts are a duo from New Zealand who have dropped tracks and remixes on record labels ranging from Kompakt to Balance Music. The Journey is a pair of Australian artists from Melbourne who run the UGENIUS record label, but have also featured their epic style on other imprints such as Stil Vor Talent and Bedrock.

“In Change” is the EP’s title track and it opens the release with pitched toms and the dazzling tones of Eleonora’s softly sung vocals while cosmic pads lift the track into the stratosphere.

The Journey’s remix of In Change adds extra percussion that stays true to the original’s vibe while also adding tribal undertones.

“Fella Fella” is the second of the original tracks and spiralling synths, fizzing percussion and rising pads create a mammoth sound layered on a foundation of techy rhythms.

Out of Sorts’ remix refines Fella Fella by stripping back some of the original’s parts and adds a gritty bassline, which combined with the steady offbeat hi-hat, transforms the groove into a more driving version.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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