Kerem Genc Drops New EP ‘Sunxiety’

The four track release also includes remixes by Regndans and Fletcher Monsoon.

Kerem Genc has released on labels such as Cosmic Awakenings and Kosa.

Out now, is a new EP from Kerem Genc who is a Turkish organic house artist whose new release is a rather special blend of rock music and downtempo electronica.

The release comes via the Baikal Nomads record label and features two originals plus remixes by Regndans and Fletcher Monsoon. All the artists who feature on this EP titled ‘Sunxiety’ have released on Baikal Nomads in the past.

Each of the originals has a chilled vibe with a trippy atmosphere and prominent male vocals and the remixes add a whole new twist. Regndans is true to the sun-drenched sound of the original, but Fletcher Monsoon adds some funk to theirs to create an upbeat vibe.

Kerem Genc has also released on labels like Kosa to Cosmic Awakenings and the first of the original tracks on this release is titled “On My Own”.

On My Own kickstarts the release with a husky vocal that seems to be about self-healing and finding the mental strength to be single. Its laid-back groove has downtempo percussion and guitars washed in reverb that gives the track a spaced-out and moody atmosphere.

Regndans version is similar to the original in terms of its sound design and mood, but is defined by a section after the breakdown where he modulates the bassline and adds a warped effect to what sounds like a sitar sample. His version is a little darker and perfect for those who prefer a deeper style of organic house.

Distinctly different from the opening track, “Aurora” is the second of the original cuts and it focuses on a dusty trombone sample that fills the track with sombre emotions. Although the trombone leads the track, there are also a series of synth melodies providing uplifting undertones, warmth and contrast with the mood of the trumpet.

Fletcher Monsoon transforms Aurora by cleverly switching the trombone sample. They instead use a sound with upbeat energy and then rebuild the track around it. They also add a vocal, guitar chords and a new synth that really changes the feel of the track.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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