ITAI remixes KÖNI’s “Indian Resurrection” and drops new single “Hafla In Wancy’s World”

Both of these organic house releases are on sale now.

ITAI is fast becoming one of the most exciting and dynamic organic house producers within the genre, and January 2024 has been a busy month for him.

Not only does he have his new single “Unfinished 08 – Hafla In Wancy’s World” out via his own record label The Teddy Bear Lounge, but he also has a remix out on the highly respected Pipe & Pochet imprint.

He is a jazz musician who has turned his skills to electronic music, and he isn’t afraid to experiment. ITAI’s music often has a distinctive and unique sound, which is inspired by the countries he visits, plus music from both inside and outside of the electronic spectrum.

“Unfinished 08 – Hafla In Wancy’s World” is a great example of ITAI’s imaginative music creation, as the track takes influence from the “Hafla” parties and family gatherings that are traditional to Morocco and the Middle East. His new release captures the feel-good vibe of these events, and fuses traditional instruments with sequenced drum patterns and organic percussion loops.

Out earlier in January, ITAI also released his remix of “Indian Resurrection” by KÖNI via Pipe & Pochet. Pipe & Pochet is the latest record label ITAI has added to his impressive roster of imprints, which already includes the likes of The Soul Brothers’ Talavera Records and Laroz’s Camel Riders.

KÖNI’s track “Indian Resurrection” draws inspiration from Indian folklore, and ITAI has worked his magic with a stunning remix. ITAI’s remix opens with a suspense-building intro that teases the original’s flute, which later becomes a more prominent feature, as it plays larger sections of the sample. The remix unfolds to introduce the trippy tones of the original’s pitched-down vocal, which intertwines with ITAI’s mesmerising synths and a deep bassline.

2024 looks like it is going to be another big year for ITAI, as “Unfinished 08 – Hafla In Wancy’s World” finishes his “Unfinished Project” that’s been a series of solo track releases on his record label The Teddy Bear Lounge. Each track is a chapter in a broader story, and all the tracks will soon be combined into an album that tells ITAI’s musical tale of adventure and discovery.

This year, ITAI is also continuing to perfect and expand his live show, which fuses live instruments such as saxophone and piano with synthesisers, loop samplers and drum machines.

You can buy ITAI’s remix of KÖNI’s “Indian Resurrection” from HERE.

You can buy ITAI’s new single, “Hafla In Wancy’s World” from HERE.


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