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Josh Richards Unveils ‘Metal’: A Melodic Techno Masterpiece

Returning To Flow with a bang, accompanied by a stellar remix from Stan Kolev!

At just 23 years old, Melbourne-born prodigy Josh Richards is already making a significant waves with his unique sound inspired by the pioneering artists of the Berlin techno scene. Specialising in Melodic House & Techno, Richards infuses his music with a raw and organic tribal groove, seamlessly blending sawing synth sounds, impactful bass stabs, and ethereal background vocals. This fusion results in a mesmerising sonic landscape that truly captivates listeners.

In his latest release, Josh Richards makes a triumphant return to Flow Music with ‘Metal’! The original version is a peak-time throbber with a dark slant, skillfully laced with melodics. A thumping vibe, characterised by grittiness, gated pads, a fierce kick, and cool metallic-sounding percussion, ‘Metal’ showcases Richards’ ability to create a visceral and immersive sonic experience.

Adding another layer of depth to ‘Metal’ is the remix crafted by the ever-reliable Stan Kolev. The Bulgarian DJ and producer, now Miami-based, takes us on a hypnotic and dramatic reworking of the track. With a deep and moody vibe, Kolev’s remix is spaciously warm, resonating with a melancholic style that adds a new dimension to the original composition. As the remix unfolds, a gritty bassline emerges, further enhancing the sonic journey.

Josh Richards continues to carve his niche in the electronic music scene with ‘Metal,’ a track that not only showcases his prowess in Melodic house/techno but also highlights his ability to collaborate with established artists like Stan Kolev. With support from industry heavyweights and a sound that pushes boundaries, Josh Richards is undoubtedly a name to watch as he continues to evolve and make his mark on the global electronic music landscape. Click here to buy or stream ‘Metal’ 

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