Tom Zeta talks New Years Eve, life in Ibiza & his mix for Flow Sessions 106

Tom’s latest release ‘Kimi Kimono’ is out now on his label Zeta Flavour.

Flow Sessions 106 features the talented Dutch artist Tom Zeta, renowned for his genre-defying blend of happy-uplifting house and techno. Solomun was the first to recognize Zeta’s talent, consistently supporting his music. Zeta’s Cargo EP, signed to Diynamic, gained further acclaim from artists like Camel Phat, Joris Voorn, and Pete Tong. Starting his career as a drummer at the age of 9, Zeta explored various music genres in different bands. At 15, he delved into electronic music on his computer and the rest is history. We’re excited to have him on the series, to share his musical talent, he also took time to share his insights into his life and musical journey.

Hey Tom, Happy New Year! How did you see in the new year?

Hey there! Happy New Year to you as well! I kicked off the year on a high note with an amazing gig in Baku. The experience was absolutely unforgettable – we had the crowd grooving to our music until 9 in the morning. It set the perfect tone for the year ahead!

Thanks for your excellent Flow Sessions Mix! Please tell us a bit about the influences and inspiration for the mix.

When creating this podcast, I wanted to capture that authentic club vibe and gradually build the intensity, just like I would if I were performing live. The mix takes you on a journey from groovy beats to a slightly harder edge. Additionally, keep an ear out for some exclusive unreleased tracks – always love sharing some hidden gems with my listeners!

You’re Dutch but usually based in Ibiza. What made you decide to move to Ibiza and when did you first visit the island?

I first visited Ibiza about 7 years ago, and over time, I started to develop a deep connection with the island. The stunning nature, vibrant music scene, and the warm, welcoming people completely captured my heart. These elements ultimately led me to make the decision to move to Ibiza around 2 years ago. It’s been an incredible journey ever since!

How do you find living in Ibiza all year round and are the winter months a lot calmer or are there still parties on?

I absolutely love living in Ibiza year-round. The winter months bring a welcomed calmness, providing the perfect opportunity for reflection and goal-setting for the upcoming year. During this time, I continue to share my music at Akasha, a cozy club that attracts a local crowd. It adds a unique and intimate touch to the winter scene here on the island.

We hear your played at Storytellers at Ibiza’s Cova Santa last summer, alongside Kolsch. How was that for you?

Playing at Storytellers at Ibiza’s Cova Santa last summer alongside Kolsch was an absolutely amazing experience! After Kolsch closed the terrace stage, I had the opportunity to open the club downstairs. The energy from the audience was incredibly enthusiastic, and within 20 minutes, the entire club was packed, with everyone grooving. It was a memorable night filled with great vibes.

Where would be your dream venue / festival to perform?

I don’t necessarily have a specific dream venue or festival; for me, it’s all about the vibe that the people bring. Whether it’s a big festival or an intimate club, what matters most is the energy of the crowd. There are so many beautiful places where this magical connection can happen, and that’s what makes each performance special for me.

Your recent single, Kimi Kimono, was released on your Zeta Flavour label. What was the inspiration for the track?

‘Kimi Kimono’ stands as a testament to the distinctive inspirations shaping my music. Delving into the peculiar and mesmerizing grooves found in nature, the track represents my journey into the heart of melodic exploration. Beyond musical experimentation, the name ‘Kimi’ holds a special place in my heart, representing an imaginary individual who embodies strength, grace, and beauty, adding an extra layer of significance to the composition.

‘Kimi Kimono’ is available for purchase by clicking here via Zeta Flavour & is in our Flow Music suggest playlist below.

When did you set up Zeta Flavour and what inspired you to set up your own label?

I founded Zeta Flavour, and our first release took place at the beginning of 2023. It took some time to find the right distributor, and when Labelworx came on board, they proved to be the perfect partner. Since then, I’ve released three more singles. The decision to start my own label stemmed from a desire for the freedom to release music when I felt it was the right moment. It’s been an exciting journey, and having that creative control has allowed me to share my music in a way that aligns with my artistic vision.

What does 2024 have in store for Tom Zeta?

In 2024, I’m excited about spreading the joy of music worldwide, collaborating with a team I can trust and build with. Anticipate the release of more music, witnessing new creations come to life, and establishing fresh connections. It’s a year dedicated to growth, collaboration, and bringing more of my artistic endeavors into the spotlight.

When you’re not in the studio or on tour, how do you like to unwind?

When I’m not in the studio or on tour, reconnecting with nature is crucial for me, especially the sea! I enjoy unwinding through activities like hiking, taking a swim in the sea, and indulging in some snorkeling. It’s my way of finding balance and rejuvenating outside the music realm.

Thanks for your time and Happy New Year!!

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