Hybrid’s Light Of The Fearless Delivers!

Not many artists or groups can take a 8 year hiatus and hope to survive or revitalize a presence within the ever expanding universe of electronic music. Hybrid don’t care about that though.

That’s because no matter how long their last step was made, it was big enough to stomp a mammoth imprint into the modern day chronicles of the electronic music scene forever.

In the unlikely event you’ve been trapped in the catacombs of Thailand, awaiting rescuing for the last decade or two, living of the remains of meandering gap year students that have found their way to your layer, then here’s an update; Hybrid are now duo, that once consisted of Chris Healing and Mike Truman, who between them, pretty much dominated the live electronic dance music performance scene, provided some of the classics that were championed by Sasha, BT and Dave Seaman, held residencies at Fabric and paved the way for what is now an almost lost art of “making a motherfucking breakbeat”, “smash the motherfucking dancefloor”. Running alongside their breathtaking career, the pair, supported by the some of the best orchestral organisations from around the globe, contributed a multitude of works for both TV and film productions whilst maintaining a presence with their remix contributions for Guy J, Eelke Kelijn, Satoshi Tomiie and seminal electronic crossover indie bands, New Order and The Doves.

In 2015, Chris Healing announced his departure from Hybrid, with forums citing an amicable parting, enabling Chris to pursue solo projects and dj’ing opportunities. In May 2018, after an 8 year hiatus, and joined by Charlotte Truman (nee James), Hybrid are back with their fifth album; “Light Of The Fearless”.

The album is an emotionally charged creation of influences from the bands personal yesteryear’s musical memories, forged with the communication of social topics that are normally resided to the creative outputs of street artists and poets and yet, with the aid of modern day technology, musical connectivity and human empathy, the lines are blurred between musical delivery, personal sentiment and the conveyance of vital messages through artistic expression. For anyone who is a stalwart fan of Hybrid, this is very much and album worth waiting for, for those that are unfamiliar, this is the kind of music that will encourage you to make an honest and personal introspective journey. Leave the dance floor, go home, switch your phone off, lay down and embrace this album… or better still… go see this live!


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