Germany’s Frankfurt Is Opening A Museum For Electronic Music

After first opening as a pop-up in 2018, it’s the first of its kind, and it’s permanent location opens in October.

Opening in October is a new museum exploring the history of electronic music.

Located in the German city of Frankfurt, the ‘Museum Of Modern Electronic Music’ is set to be a unique experience due to it being the first of its kind. It will explore history and the future of electronic music culture, along with the sound and anything else associated with its development.

Combining sound and architecture, people visiting will be able to explore exhibition rooms, performance areas and installations that help bring the music to life. There will also be some specially curated exhibitions with flyers, logos and artwork linked to show how the design or record sleeves and club branding has changed/evolved with the music.

Guests will have the opportunity to take part in some interactive areas with turntables and software that enable people to create music.

Museum Of Modern Electronic Music is in a building that’s been purposefully selected to fit with the museums content. Its design takes inspiration from the square sleeves of 12 inch records and the metal mesh of sound system speakers.

On its outside there will be some interactive touch screens for passers-by to manipulate a soundwave graphic that wraps around the exterior of the building, which seems a nice touch for helping draw in people off the street who are curious to find out more about what’s inside. The venue will also stream exclusive DJ sets via a Bluetooth connection.

Alex Azary is Director of the museum, which was inspired by his long-time friend, partner and Technoclub founder Andreas “Talla” Tomalla, who came up with the initial idea for the museum in 2011. It was first launched as a pop-up in 2018 after plans where put into action in 2015, and now it’s getting homed in a permanent location.

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