Roland Celebrated The TR-808 With New Merch

August 8th has become the company’s day to annually celebrate the iconic drum machine.

Roland’s iconic TR-808 drum machine is a classic instrument that laid the foundation for much of today’s electronic music.

To mark this year’s 808 Day, which if you hadn’t already guessed is the 8th of August, the company has released some limited edition merchandise.

Some of the items on sale that honour the TR-808 include a run of 88 bomber jackets sold for $808 each. Each of those jackets is numbered for authenticity.

Following the theme, there are also 808-emblazoned t-shirts, hoodies and wireless over-ear headphones that are available in a choice of black or white.

The day has also been marked by the company offering a free download of the software plug-in version of the TR-808 drum machine, so music producers can make use of it in their tracks. An authentic hardware version could cost anywhere from £5,000+ due to being discontinued since 1983.

Anyone wishing to download the software TR-808 can do so for free during the whole of August from HERE.

For those wishing to plash out on some limited edition merchandise, you can find the full range HERE.


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