The Maldives Is Planning It’s First Ever Electronic Music Festival

Exact dates have yet to be released, but currently, it’s scheduled for November 2021.

The Maldives Islands is an area known for its incredible beaches and crystal-clear waters, and some consider it to be one of the world’s most romantic locations.

Until now it’s a destination used predominantly by honeymooners, but that’s something soon to change thanks to a new music festival.

Until now no one had ever run an electronic dance music festival in the area, but a group of organisers are planning to change that with an event that they plan to run in November 2021. Having chosen a location on a remote archipelago of coral islands in the Indian Ocean, they have made a call on Facebook for local DJs, dancers, and festival staff.

Being held over a three-day period, the organisers are describing it as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for those who wish to work at the festival, and it seems safe to say that it will be the same for anyone wishing to attend as a partygoer.

Although its pencilled in for November 2021, the organisers haven’t confirmed exact dates, which could have some link to pandemic restrictions.

RaajeMV is a news outlet for the Maldives, and according to their reposts, the local authorities eased COVID-19 restrictions for the area as of August 6th, 2021. Individuals in the Maldives are currently allowed to host parties, gatherings, and other social events without limits on the number of attendees. Although the Health Protection Agency is still recommending, they be held in open spaces and social distancing, plus mask-wearing is implemented.

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