German Brigante Drops New Organic House EP “Será el Flamenco”

The influential Spanish producer puts out a four-track release via Sabo’s record label.

German Brigante is back on Sabo’s record label Sol Selectas to close out 2023 with an organic house EP titled ‘Será el Flamenco.’

It’s his third EP for the record label, and it’s an innovative release that takes old-school synth sounds from the acid house era and blends them with the organic sound of flamenco. All four of the tracks on the release are exceptional productions, and have a timeless sound that will bring any dance floor to life.

Track one “Acido Azul” is a trippy cut with acid synths and cowbell percussion layered with sparkling melodies and dreamy pads that are brought to life with an emotional vocal.

Kurry is the vocalist on this EP, and she provides enrapturing lyrics that add a spellbinding element to all of the tracks on the release.

“Açai” utilises a dynamic flute melody to hypnotise the listener, and there is also a male vocal by Augustín Carrillo that adds a sense of heartbreak to the captivating breakdown section.

The release’s title track “Será el Flamenco” has prominent synth pads and a flowing flamenco guitar that is joined by the invigorating energy of the congas.

“Inquietud” brings the release to a close with its rhythmic bass stabs and flickering hi-hats that are joined by the jovial melody synth and mournful pads. There is also a playful flute that augments the haunting beauty of the vocals.

All round, this is a magical release, and although it best fits within the organic house genre, it has an eclectic mix of influences that give it some crossover appeal for tech house, melodic house/techno and deep house.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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