Arman (AM) Drops A Stunning Melodic House EP, “You Can’t Leave”

The Armenian producer drops a three-track release via the Earthly Delights record label.

Arman (AM) is an exciting new deep house artist whose new release comes via the Earthly Delights record label.

Earthly Delights is an imprint with a large cross-section of artists ranging from established names like Be Svendsen, to rising stars such as Nau Squaglia.

Falling into the latter of the two categories, Arman (AM) is an Armenian artist who prior to this Earthly Delights debut, had only self-released tracks via Distrokid and other similar services.

Those self-released tracks were enough to attract the attention of an established label such as Earthly Delights, and he has continued to prove himself with the three tracks on this expertly crafted EP, which is titled ‘You Can’t Leave.’

The title track “You Can’t Leave” is first on the EP and it’s a stunning cut with enchanting vocals and smooth pads that are layered over flowing congas and dramatic bass chords.

Track two, “Sunrise” has upbeat melodies and shuffling percussion rhythms that are underpinned by ethereal pads and a sub-heavy bassline.

“My Dream” closes the release with pitched tom-drums and haunting vocal textures that form a backing track for mesmerising vocals and flutters of melody.

Purchase the release from HERE.


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