ITAI releases new melodic house track ‘Unfinished 07 – When It Gets Stormy’

The single comes via his record label The Teddy Bear Lounge.

ITAI is back on his record label The Teddy Bear Lounge with a new single called “Unfinished 07 – When It Gets Stormy” that’s a melodic house track with an epic sound.

Living in America, ITAI is from the small town of Joshua Tree in California, and he is a well-travelled individual who has played live music in many parts of the world. He is a jazz musician who has played Saxophone alongside DJs such as BLOND:ISH, but he also plays solo sets that focus on his own electronic tracks.

His sets combine instruments such as piano and saxophone with drum machines and synthesisers, and he uses loop samplers to layer improvised melodies created by him playing the live instruments. This improvised performance style can be heard in the unpredictable structure of his latest track, which has the untamed nature of stormy weather.

“Unfinished 07 – When It Gets Stormy” opens with a pitter-patter sound that represents raindrops, and builds towards a main breakdown that introduces an electric guitar, rich synth pads and an electric violin. There is an orchestral feel to the track which has solid percussion provided by a drum machine, and a rumbling bassline that drives the bottom end with the tension of distant thunder.

It’s hard to put a genre on this track, as it has so many contrasting elements that you wouldn’t always expect to hear in electronic music, but ITAI has made them work through his studio mastery, and it’s an atmospheric production that also has dance floor appeal.

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