Fatima Hajji Reveals Her Favourite Ways To Relax After Touring

Wasting little time in getting down to business, 2020 looks like it’s going to be a busy year for revered Spanish techno DJ, Fatima Hajji.

Fatima Hajji has already performed in India, Romania, Germany and Spain this year and has many more notable shows across Europe and South America coming up, as well as two very special performances in the US. Amidst this impressive string of shows, Hajji opens up about how she likes to relax after a hectic touring schedule.

Fatima Hajji:After some intense touring, I very much look forward to be at home chilling with my pack – 2 Dogs and 2 cats. I’ve chosen to live near the mountains near Madrid, I’m well connected with the airport but far enough outside the city for my home to be quiet and surrounded by nature. This is something I really appreciate after spending some years in the city centre which was very noisy!

I like to have long walks with my babies (pets) in the forest and love to get lost in the middle of the woods away from the paths and feel the silence only disturbed by birds singing. This is the best tour recovery remedy for me and really help to reset my mind and body.  

It’s normal when I take the leads to walk the dogs that my cats come with us for some of the way where they can hide or climb a tree and wait for us to come back to that point. This is when I call them with our special call and they appear very happy to feel they are part of the pack. Also, the dogs are happy to meet them again and we can go back home like a proper gang.

I also like to cook, especially in the winter, and spend the rest of my day off after a tour watching some movies, the ones I like the most are for the kids :D.

One day chilling is great but any more I can’t do it. When I’ve recovered my energy and the jet lag has worn off, my motivation is to get into the studio to do my thing and to keep working because I just love it.”


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