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Eric Lune makes triumphant return to Balance Music with ‘Yonder’

The new EP features 3 soulful dance tracks!

Renowned Melbourne artist Eric Lune, returns to Balance Music with the ‘Yonder’ EP. Since his 2018 debut on Sound Avenue, he’s left a mark on the progressive house scene with a ‘soulful dance’ style. Boasting over 150 credits, his tracks, remixed by icons like Nick Muir, Dave Seaman, GMJ & Matter & have graced labels such as our own Flow Music, Juicebox Music and Proton Music.

In 2022, his ‘Predisposition’ EP on Balance Music showcased his melodic and high-energy approach. Now, for the new year, Eric Lune presents the ‘Yonder’ EP, featuring three soulful dance tracks.

The title track, ‘Yonder,’ delivers his trademark sound with a metronomic kick, lively hi-hats, and intricate synths. Ethereal pads and a pitched vocal enhance the experience, creating a powerful and captivating journey.

‘Body Language’ continues the melodic narrative with complementary motifs and chord progressions. Picking up the pace, a cadenced synth phrase adds a subtle house vibe, resulting in a club-friendly offering that showcases Eric Lune’s production prowess.

Closing the EP is ‘Rumi,’ with a strong beat, sublime bassline progression, and luscious pads. The central melody reappears, reintroducing earlier ideas for a rousing finale of vibrant auditory color.

You can pick up the new release by (clicking here)


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