Eric Stark Provides 333 Sessions With A Chugging Mix Of Disco Tinged House

He’s a Melbourne based DJ and producer who floats between house and techno.

Eric Stark moved to Australia in 2016, and quickly became a favourite on the Melbourne club circuit.

Hailing from France, Eric found his feet in Paris, playing some the capitals biggest clubs including Rex Club, Batofar, and Social Club. He moved to London in 2009, where his growing reputation for deep and melodic grooves yielded appearances at Fabric, the EGG, Mode, and the Qube Project to name a few, as well as performances at famed festivals Glastonbury and Kazantip.

After making the move to Australian shores in 2016, Eric became a favourite on the Melbourne circuit, often billed on Thick as Thieves and Novel events. He has played revered venues including Revolver Upstairs, Brown Alley and Prince, and supported a slew of big-name internationals.

Eric’s sets are dynamic and float through a broad spectrum of genres, maintaining a consistent energy that translates to the dance floor. His music is feel-good. Fun, up-beat and uplifting. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

A message from the artist: “First of all, I’d like to give a massive thank you to Flow Sessions and 333 for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be showcased alongside some absolute legends and friends. For this mix I wanted to stay true to myself, play the music I enjoy, keep it fun, lively and understated. I always try to approach my sets with the dance floor in mind, so it is important for me to focus on keeping a good energy and have a few twists during the journey. In this mix you’ll find a mélange of music that has shaped my tastes growing up, has influenced my early Dj career and that keeps inspiring me to make people dance today. I really hope you enjoy the set, much love to you all!

Cover art by: Jai Piccone


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