Chus & Ceballos on the Iberican Sound

Stereo Productions duo Chus & Ceballos have been extremely busy over the years with their very demanding schedule. Recently the duo have remixed DJ Pierre’s Strobe Light Laser ACID, released on Get Physical, and have many more projects set in place for the near future.

Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to join us. You have been a duo since 2000, you both have solo projects and you run your own Stereo Productions imprint. What’s next?

We have to say that we are in a sweet moment in our careers. We’ve been inspired in the studio with so many new releases and remixes coming up this year on labels such as Get Physical, Knee Deep, Nervous or Snatch to name but a few. Our label Stereo Productions is in great shape too, helping and discovering new talents as we always did. The last tours have been successful. We just finished a bus tour in Japan, a couple of festivals like Resistance Mexico and El Row Colombia, as well as our club residencies worldwide that never fail. The Stereo showcases are creating a big hype. We are confirmed for Bulgaria, Orlando, and Lisbon in July, BPM Portugal in September, ADE in Amsterdam in October and Colombia in December and more to be announced very soon

How do you manage to balance it all? Do you have any pastimes away from it all?

Our schedule is pretty crazy! It’s been hectic between the touring, the production, the label, the podcast, the showcases and the only time left is devoted to our women and to our families who make a significant effort to support us as most of the time we are away from home. All this effort demands that we take very good care of ourselves and we have to have a healthy way of life as much as we can.

Can you explain the concept of the ‘Iberican Sound’?

When we started making music, we were very disappointed with the Spanish label’s policy at that time as they have a lack of personality. They were looking for music similar to the hot tracks at that moment. We were tired of that practice, and from that frustration we decided to do whatever we felt and create our sound and a label to release our music. We had no idea what is going to happen and we couldn’t believe the international welcome we received. The term of ‘Iberican Sound’ was made to put our origins on a map – the Iberian Peninsula – geographically where Spain and Portugal are located.

You’ve recently finished the ‘In Stereo Bus Tour’ in Japan. Is this the first time you’ve played Japan? How does it compare to other places you have performed?

Japan is one of our favourite countries. We’ve been playing there for more than 15 years coming back on a regular basis. Still amazed how their culture and their hospitality differs from ours and it made it such an experience. We had time to dig a bit more into their roots by spending some quality time with locals, eating fantastic food everywhere we go and playing in lots of cities, not just the main ones that we already knew. Japan’s crowd is impressive. They come to the club with an open mentality, ready to discover new sounds and with a lot of respect for the international artists that travel to their country. One of the best places we’ve ever experienced.

You have recently remixed DJ Pierre’s Strobe Light Laser ACID on Get Physical which is due to be released in June, can you tell us your inspiration for the cut?

Dj Pierre is such legend, a milestone in the history of the electronic music scene, and it was a total pleasure to work on this remix for him. We added our groove to the original elements with some driving tech beats and working on the original pads (sampled from one of our all time favourite classic from Franky Goes To Hollywood ‘ Relax’) as a main climax with some filthy rifts to spice it up. So happy to join the Get Physical family.

You guys have performed around the globe; do you still get nervous before performing? Do you have any pre gig rituals?

We still get nervous before the gigs. The butterflies in the stomach are always there LOL. We believe that is a good sign because means that we care. You try to visualise how the gig is going to go before you start and in which direction are you taking the set. When you play the first record, the butterflies are gone and starts the fun 🙂

We don’t have great rituals before the gig, just a good dinner and a disco nap are always a big help.

Are there any up and coming producers you think we should keep an eye on?

We have our favourites for sure. Producers like Danny Serrano, Oscar L and David Herrero are killing it right now. They are regular collaborators with us. We also follow artists very closely like Fer BR, Mele, Matt Sassari or Ronnie Spiteri to name but a few. They are all making great music with their signature sounds.

This year alone you’ve had releases on your own Stereo Productions as well as Nervous Records and Nonstop. Do you have any upcoming releases you can tell us about?

It’s been a prolific year regarding music production. We have signed a track for Hot Since 82’s label ‘Knee Deep in Sound’ called ‘Ain’t Nobody’ coming out in July. It has already created a lot of hype before the release date. We have another single on ‘Snatch’ alongside Danny Serrano called ‘Down for it’ feat. Solo Tamas, and we have a few great remixes coming out on ‘El Row Music,’ Get Physical and ‘Armada label.’

DJ Pierre – Strobe Light Laser ACID (Chus & Ceballos Remix) is out 29th June on Get Physical.


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