Skream & Benga Reveal Plans For 2022 Collaboration

Recognised as the pioneers of dubstep, they haven’t released any new music together since 2003.

Dubstep pioneers Skream and Benga have revealed plans to work together again in 2022.

The news was announced by Skream on his Twitter page, and it will be the first time the guys have collaborated in the studio for over two decades.

Skream’s post reads: “The boys are back in town…. Skream X Benga 2.0….. 2022 we’re having it.” Later, Skream posted on Instagram about the collaboration, saiying: “No throw back, brand new music only”.

It’s currently unknown if the guys will be working in their classic dubstep style or if they will be exploring other genres together, but many fans of the iconic duo are crossing their fingers for some 2022 dubstep action.

Their last official collaboration called ‘The Judgment’ was released in 2003. In recent times Skream is better known for his house and techno tracks, but Benga hasn’t released anything new for a while.

Benga is still heavily associated with dubstep and its similar genres, so it’s likely his influence will pull Skream down old paths.

Skream hasn’t totally moved away from dubstep, and recently played a 140 BPM dubstep set in Auckland on his recent tour of New Zealand, and also posted an old school dubstep mix on his SoundCloud just before Christmas.

Dubstep was arguably the last big electronic music innovation of recent generations in the sense of creating a completely new genre that’s not just a subtly different sub-genre linked to something that already exists.

It’s highly unlikely that this new collaborating will yield another brand-new genre, but it’s certainly got people excited to hear the fruits of their labour, as together they were undeniably innovative producers.


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