Skream Drops New Single ‘Thinking Of You’

Out now, the track is taken from his forthcoming album Skreamizm 8.

Skream is a dubstep pioneer who is now a highly respected house music DJ and producer.

It’s been 10 years since the last instalment of Skreamizm album series, and the wait is nearly over as we move closer to the September 15th release date for his new album. Key single ‘Thinking Of You’, a percussive UK Garage record with a delicate organ melody and reverberating piano chords, features Skream’s own spoken word vocals, recorded as a future message for his children. Though it wasn’t originally intended to be a song, Skream realised the heartfelt message would work with an instrumental. The honesty of the track reflects his words perfectly, and it’s become one of the standouts in his sets since he recorded it.

Talking about the release, Skream said: “Initially I recorded Thinking Of You as a voice note during the second lockdown, when I don’t know, maybe feeling a bit emotional, waiting to get back into society.” Skream explains.

“My son was starting high school, the September of the second lockdown and I was thinking about the pressures that kids go under, especially what they went through lockdown and how life had been taken away. Made me think of the stresses of being a teenager, thinking about my own things that I went through when I was a teenager and all the stresses of social society when your body is completely changing. After a while I started to think this could become a song.  

At first I sent it to some people as an idea to give to them, some people who had their first kids. I had some demo sent back and thought they didn’t resonate as what I wanted, the emotion etc. Thinking Of You came together, I truly believe it resonates a lot more than what it was initially recorded for. It will resonate with all walks of life. 

Oliver Jones has been at the very forefront of Electronic music for the last two decades and in that time has achieved and influenced UK music culture more than most artists would ever be able to dream to, yet his hunger and enthusiasm is akin to that of a man who is only just getting started. Today, he operates in a genre-less field, shifting between styles at will, standing tall outside the bounds of one particular sound. 

You can pick up a copy of the release HERE.


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