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Breezy Delivers 333 Sessions A Mesmerising Mix Of Soothing Deep House

He is an Australian artist from Melbourne who used to run the city’s Forgery parties.

Breezy is a DJ from Melbourne, Australia who is known for having a deep and atmospheric style.

Breezy aka Tim McBride is known by many for running the Forgery events between 2015 and 2022 that were widely considered one of Melbourne’s best underground parties. He is well-travelled and the music he plays takes influence from the beautiful places he visits. Focusing on eloquent melodies and gentle pads with organic percussion, he is the master at setting the mood while providing just the right amount of energy to keep the dance floor moving. This stunning DJ set flows with waves of emotion while the shuffling percussion creates a hypnotic flow.

Words from the artist: “Thanks to the Flow family for the opportunity to put this mix together, it’s a privilege to be included in such an incredible series.

The inspiration for this mix started with the idea of creating my ideal sunset mix. Some of my fondest memories are from summer parties or just relaxing near the water with friends & great tunes at sunset. So I wanted to create a set that reminded me of those times and hopefully evoke similar memories for anyone who listens.

The afternoon selections in the first half of the mix are deep and melodic, drifting through sunset before picking up a bit of energy in the latter part of the mix as night falls and things get rowdy.

It’s a collection of tracks I compiled over a long period of time including some old favourites, some newer discoveries and some incredible local Australian artists. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.”


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