Super Flu & Sasha Carass Remix Inámo’s ‘La Llama’

Out via trueColors it also features a rework by Vander and alternative versions by the original artist.

trueColors is a deep and melodic record label that is known for its releases featuring music by some of the biggest artists from its genre, and its latest EP includes remixes by Super Flu, Sasha Carassi and Vander.

It’s an unusual release as technically it would be classed as a single due to their being only one track labelled as an original, but there are four alternative versions of that same track by its producer Inámo.

Inámo is a regular feature of trueColors and each version of his track “La Llama” has its own distinctive sound. A couple of them could safely have been classed as different original tracks if he had chosen to do so.

The sensual spoken word vocal is what ties the original versions together, but without that the “Still Burning” and “Vocal Mix” could probably become different tracks. The Vocal Mix is a lot rawer with a focus on tribal percussion and the synths are less refined, but this adds more intensity to how the track builds. The Still Burning mix is deeper and more atmospheric with mere delicate melodies and a smooth structure.

Super Flu’s remix of La Llama is a masterful rework that builds suspense as the percussion from the original is looped to create the core of their groove. Stripping back most of the synths to allow space for their own melody section, they use a section of the original’s vocal as a focal element which is constantly being warped and modulated.

Sasha Carassi’s progressive house remix has breakbeat percussion and a spiralling synth line that leads to the epic suspense of an extended breakdown section. Vander is last on the release by adding his own synth line that complements the synths from the original, he also strips back some of the drums to create room for the synth parts to breathe.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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