Brian Cid’s Endangered Records Drops New VA ‘Worlds Within Thee III’

The five track EP is out now and features music from Bad Eye, Mirida, Normen Hood, Angeleri, Larrosa & Gardoqui plus the label owner.

Brian Cid’s Endangered Records drops a new five-track mixed artist EP.

Worlds Within Thee III features five melodic tracks from Brian Cid, Bad Eye, Mirida, Normen Hood and a collaboration between German Angeleri and Larrosa & Gardoqui.

The release has been curated by Brian Cid who has road-tested each of the tracks in his own DJ sets, and it features the label debut of American duo Bad Eye, who open the release with their track ‘Fated Vessel’.

Bad Eye has previously worked with the likes of Emercive Recordings and Nothing But. Fated Vessel is trademark to their style with tense synths and stripped back percussion that together creates a warm and throbbing groove.

Mirida is a Russian artist who worked with other labels ranging from Heinz Music to Take Away, and returns to Endangered Records with the shimmering guitar line of his track ‘Optical Illusion’.

Normen Hood joins the Endangered Records family following outings on Voltaire Music, Hive Audio and Opossum Recordings. His track ‘Follow The Cubes’ is a techy cut with an arpeggio synth line and rubbery textures that bend and melt inside the mind.

German Angeleri and Larrosa & Gardoqui are working together for the first time with their track on this EP, and they provide the penultimate cut ‘Hassium’. It blends intense synths and an uplifting melody to create an epic combination that’s tailor-made for peak time DJ plays.

Brian Cid closes out the EP with his electrifying track ‘Into The Abyss’ which crackles with bolts of electricity as the majestic groove unfolds. Fans of his tracks on Lost & Found and Balance Music will not be disappointed.

You can buy a copy HERE


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