AMÉMÉ & NenaHalena Remix Raidho’s New Release ‘Jaguar Dance’

The seven track EP is out now via Sol Selectas, and also features reworks by West & Hill plus LUM.

AMÉMÉ is an emerging talent in the Afro house scene and he recently teamed up with fellow rising star NenaHalena to remix a track on Sol Selectas.

The track they have remixed is called “Jaguar Dance” by Raidho and their version of one of the release’s standout cuts, but it’s one of seven tracks that are all incredible productions.

Raidho is the original artist who provides three different tracks, all of which are organic house with lots of different percussive textures and tropical sounds that give them a hot and humid vibe.

There is also a remix by West & Hill and two different versions by LUM who shows off his versatility.

All five of the artists on the release have impressive back catalogues with AMÉMÉ having worked with Crosstown Rebels, NenaHalena has featured on Saved and Stil Vor Talent, West & Hill has released on Kindisch, LUM has been on Rebellion, and Raidho is a Sol Selectas regular who has also worked with the likes of Bar 25 Music.

Jaguar Dance is the EP’s title track and it’s got an iconic melody section that really makes it an instant hit and the tribal rhythms of the AMÉMÉ and NenaHalena rework lift it to a whole new level. Definitely one for the heads, both versions will no doubt be popular with DJs.

“Whispers” is a low-slung track that is full of suspense and ominous tensions as the synths build and the bass booms underneath a trippy melody. West & Hill add plucked melody chords and a new bassline that gives the groove more of a melodic flow.

“Slow Life” is built around congas, tambourines and other organic percussion sounds that are sequenced into a downtempo groove and layered with flutes, plus other shamanistic sounds. LUM’s first remix is a deep tech rework that builds in intensity and his second interpretation is an avant-garde take with no kick drum and an acid bassline.

It’s very hard to pick a favourite track, but AMÉMÉ and NenaHalena’s remix of Jaguar Dance will no doubt be one of the more popular cuts.

Out now, you can buy the music HERE.


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