Womb Toyko Residents Drunken Kong Reveal Their May Top 10

Womb Tokyo residents Drunken Kong recently made it on to our one to watch list. Today, they share their picks of the tunes they’re really feeling right now.

1. Christian Smith – Air castle (Laurent Garnier remix) / Tronic
Amazing work from techno legend Laurent Garnier.  This tracks is just great in many ways and very musical.  We really love this remix.

2. Vinyl Speed Adjust – Retro / Visionquest
We love the groove this track has.  Simple but effective track.  Works great in our sets!

3. Reboot – Pollo Al Sillao (ANNA remix) / Get Physical Music
We have been a long time fan of ANNA.  Love the acid sound that is used in this track!

4. Christian Smith – Input Output (DRUNKEN KONG remix) / Tronic
We are very happy with the our remix for Christian Smith.  Very happy to also see this track working well on the dance floors.

5. M. Fukuda – Back Track / Octopus Black Label
M. Fukuda is a great producer from Shizuoka, Japan.  We are big fan of his music.  Amazing work from him once again!

6. Sean Collier – Needle Damage / Transmit Recordings
We love the groove and power in this track.  This track has been in our playlist ever since we received it!

7. 2pole – Hypnos / Tronic
Amazing track from 2pole!  We have been playing this in every set and it works great!!  We really love the melody and the atmosphere of this track.

8. Skober – Phuture Lead / Terminal M
Skober`s music is always in our playlist.  Very soulful techno track with great pads and melodies!  Love it!

9. Boris – Get Some / Tronic
We really like the energy of this tracks.  It gets you moving with great synth work!

10. Th;En & Starkato – Sundance (DRUNKEN KONG remix) / Sprout
We liked the original so we enjoyed making a remix for Sundance.  We really like the tribal feeling in this track.


What do you think?

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