Has lockdown got more people buying vinyl?

Discogs sales figures show a 40% increase in vinyl record sales since 2019.

Discogs is an online vinyl hub for people to buy and sell new or second-hand vinyl along with other media forms including CD’s, DVD’s and Tapes.

2020 was a year where most people were trapped indoors without the option to go clubbing or to gigs, but it appears this didn’t stop music fans from indulging in their passions.

The online website recently posted its end-of-year financial report which showed a massive 40% increase in sales in comparison to those from 2019.

Globally their sales were up by nine million physical units, which is 35.78% more than the previous year. It also reported that all formats experienced growth, but vinyl was the one that boomed the most, with a whopping 11,961,968 records sold via the website.

Of the website’s best-selling releases, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was the fourth best-seller, followed by Peggy Gou’s Moment EP in fifth position.

The website sells music of all genres and is not just limited to electronic music, but these two both placing high suggests the demographic of music fans that use the website.

An interesting fact is that in 2020, a promo version of London artist Scaramanga Silk’s “Choose Your Weapon” sold for an incredible $41,000, which officially made it the most expensive record ever sold on the Discogs website.

H/T: Discogs


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