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David Scuba Charts his Favourite Oddities of the Melodic World [Playlist]

David Scuba is one of the electronic underground’s foremost behind-the-scenes takeover. In a past life, the New York native found his way into A&Ring labels like Timeless Groove and Real Music Deal. Today, he’s a founding partner and A&R of the well-known Superfreq, where he additionally helms many of the label’s events alongside Mr. C. He’s an internationally touring act to boot, appearing at a multitude of festivals and clubs across the UK, Central America, and of course, his native United States.

Beyond his talents as a selector in both a performative and record label sense, David Scuba likes to express himself sonically as well. His production output is lower than his Superfreq counterpart, but each record he produces guarantees quality and close attention to detail. Such is the case with his latest, ‘Dimidium’, which had already received play from John Digweed and other A-listers before it was even released. Like any good veteran looking to bring the next generation up, Scuba signed the record onto Desert Hearts Black; a burgeoning subsidiary of the hit California brand Desert Hearts more dedicated to the sounds of the after hours and dimly lit warehouse spaces.

We were keen to get more into selector’s brain, and nabbed him just after the release to prepare us a chart. Below are some of his picks for underrated left field and melodic gems across the years of his career.

Order a copy of ‘Dimidium’ here whilst reading along.

Josh One – contemplation

This haunting vocal and groove just makes you want to move. I think Danny Teneglia played this on vinyl after I got the promo at the legendary satellite record shop in NYC.It’s a simple loop that is the gift that keeps on giving. I played this a few years ago pitched down and it worked with a tune that was made the week before aka timeless.

Pig &Dan – Drug and Techno

Well I think the title says it all as this is another Gem from satellite records and my traditional Tuesday trip to the shop for the fresh new import tunes. I believe it was the first or second release on Pig & Dan’s label. I remember a dark warehouse party in New York and well you know the rest.

The Chant- Affi Yusef

The most influential tune on my own label and one that my partner Mr.C played a ton before I knew that we had it for Superfreq. Affi is a legend and a all around great guy who created a serious endless groove. The scary part is I was asked to remix one of my favorite tunes which is way harder than you think cause you don’t want to change anything but you gotta make it your own. If you haven’t heard the original this is one you need to hear this sooner than later.

Jay Tripwire – Brothers of moogtown

Played this mid set following Onna Dahl sunrise set at Desert Hearts festival and the place went crazy. Lee Reynolds going digital behind me and Atish jamming out. The tune speak volumes of the legendary Jay Trippwire’s range and how talented he is as a producer

Peace Division – Blacklight Sleaze

The sound of Peace Division has been as influential as Listening to Danny Teneglia on Friday at Vinyl (NYC) and being in the booth at Twilo (NYC) with Sasha and John, This tune and sound brings me back to my first trip to Ibiza in 2002 hanging with my pal Andrew Grand and forging new friendships with Loco Dice and many other on the legendary solo 3 week thrip.


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