Überhaupt & Außerdem Provide Flow Sessions An Epic Set Of Downtempo House

They are German artists from Berlin who have released music on labels such as Underyourskin Records.

Überhaupt & Außerdem are a duo of organic house/downtempo artists from Berlin.

Überhaupt & Außerdem is a partnership between Philipp and Andreas who are friends who share the same birthday and birth year, which is a coincidence that means they jokingly refer to themselves as twins from different mothers.

Not only do they share the same birthday, but they also have a mutual passion for electronic music, and first connected through promoting different events within the Berlin club scene. After sparking a friendship, they started to DJ together, this was soon followed by the decision to start producing music.

Their B2B sets quickly earned them a large German following as their individual passion inspires the other, and they have mutual respect combined with a friendly one-upmanship that pushes the best out of them both. This means there is never a dull moment on the dance floor and the crowd is kept at the peak of excitement and anticipation.

When it comes to producing music, they have worked with respected record labels such as Baikal Nomads, down., Underyourskin Records and Magician On Duty.

This epic 3-hour and 33-minute mix is a downtempo masterpiece that showcases how a set can hold captivating energy without having to rely on fast-paced tempos.

Words from the artist: “3 hours, 33min, 2 types, 1 set, 0 Bullshit! It’s been one of the most powerful mixes we’ve had the pleasure to record so far. We are proud to present our Flow Mix, which is a cross-section of our last three years of downtempo with a pinch of reminiscence. On board are many of our own productions, which we are finally proud to show the world in one big mix.
Much of the style of Dj mixes we represent today may not be immediately recognisable in it. But we still keep familiar principles, because the essence is always the same: the emotion, the smirk and of course grooves for days! The journey starts quietly and with deep sound and gains momentum as it goes on. It ends as it begins: with guitars. The full circle. Many thanks to Flow Music and Corr for the invitation! We are very happy to be part of it!”


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