Spacebeat – Putorana Plateau (ICONYC)

The latest release on John Johnson’s ICONYC find Spacebeat returning to the label for a brand new single.

The Russian artist had a hand in launching the US imprint with a remix on their first release back in September of 2015. He also delivered the excellent ‘Mind Games’ EP in August of the same year. Now returning for his first appearance on the reincarnation of the label Spacebeat presents his latest single entitled ‘Putorana Plateau’ alongside remixes from Battage and Xaric. 

I’ve stated this before but Spacebeat remains one of the more underappreciated artists in the progressive house scene. Although not as prolific as he once was, this has only made the anticipation for new materiel all the greater. His bootleg of ‘The Age of Love’ was played heavily by Hernan Cattaneo and Dave Seaman and ‘Putorana Plateau’ looks set for a similar fate. Incredibly groovy, the first act flows through a variety of squelchy synths before a spacey motif ultimately grabs the most attention. Quite unique in design, it’s both emotive and heady, captivating the senses into the main break. Expertly executed the track’s centrepiece is subtle yet highly dramatic, foreshadowing an understated drop that’s sure to deliver a magic on the dance floor. Brilliant work from Spacebeat.

Both remixers take the track into complementary territory with excellent results as well. First up Battage returns to the label for his second appearance following a remix of ‘Lost In Love’ by Biologik and Royal Sapien from July of 2015. The Dutch artist has overhauled ‘Putorana Plateau’ into something a bit less distinct yet still monumentally trippy. That main theme is so cool and distinctive it would be hard to go wrong with it and he’s surrounded it with layers of melody and texture for the ultimate psychedelic audio collage. A more minimalistic groove let’s everything breathe wonderfully as well while an eerie break just adds more depth and drama. A fine remix from Battage.

The release concludes with Xaric making his debut appearance on the label. The French artist has a long history in progressive music dating back to his first release in 2007 and also with his Atlant Digital imprint which ran for many years. Since his recent return to the scene he’s been showcasing his new music on Blue Amazon’s Se-Lek-Music imprint with resounding success. Now making his much anticipated ICONYC debut Xaric closes the release out in style with a monster interpretation of ‘Putorana Plateau’. Backed by a cavernous groove the mix carries a large presence with acid lines and percussive waves building momentum with each passing loop. The break only adds to its scope with the effervescent lines sizzling as a huge build and timely roll deliver the final blow. Huge remix from Xaric and certainly one the old school aficionado’s will certainly enjoy. A top notch release from ICONYC once again. Don’t miss it. 


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