Hear Full Stream Of Solomun’s Renaissance Remix Of The Age of Love

The modern-day master of groove Solomun attempts to remix arguably one of the greatest dance music tracks of all time, Age of Love, in celebration of mark iconic dance music imprint Renaissance’s 25th anniversary! Is it any good though?

The track launches from the blocks with an almighty roar, the bassline rumbles deep within the pit of your stomach. From there Solomun builds tension as the seminal vocal ‘Come on’ surfaces intermittently, while he patiently plays around with the percussion; adding layer upon layer for over six minutes to create a perfect wall of sound, before the breakdown releases the energy in a rather understated way. Rather than giving us a big ‘hands in the air’ payoff, he rewards us with a solid kick and an incessant groove that rounds out the track.

It takes guts to remix the classics, and quite often they fall well short of the hype. This doesn’t try to be too much, but in doing so becomes a brilliantly timeless yet incredibly modern rendition. Can’t wait to hear this on a big booming system to get the full effect!


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