Space 92 Talks Sport, Movies & Collaborating With HI-LO

Based in France, he is one of the world’s most in-demand techno artists.

Space 92 is one of the world’s bestselling techno artists with regular releases on labels ranging from 1605 to Filth On Acid.

Space 92 aka Mathieu Mourareau is a French techno artist who burst onto the scene in 2020 when he had a string of No.1 selling tracks on Beatport. Continuing to work his way up the ranks, Space 92 soon caught the attention of people like UMEK and Reinier Zonneveld who singed him to their respective record labels 1605 and Filth on Acid.

Fast forward three years, and Space 92 is now one of the world’s most in-demand techno artists who travels the globe as a headline DJ while also maintaining a steady schedule of new releases.

Not only has he dropped numerous solo productions via some of the world’s most respected record labels, but he has also collaborated with the likes of UMEK, POPOF and T78. Space 92’s most recent release is a new single called “Arpeggio” that he made in collaboration with HI-LO. So, we invited him for this interview to learn more about the release, plus some of his passions outside of music…

Hi Mathieu, it’s nice to be talking with you today, could you start by telling us what part of the world you are based in, and what the local club scene is like this time of year?

“Hi, thanks for having me! I’m French, based in the South of France near Toulouse. The club scene is pretty lively around here, there are many great, quality clubs based in the South. springtime has already started in my area as it’s not so far from the Mediterranean coast so it’s already bustling with activity.”

You are well known for your peak time style of techno, who are some of the artists that influence your sound?

“Too many to name really. Furthermore, my sound is not only influenced by other Techno artists because I listen to so many other genres ranging from rock music to French pop music, so I could be listening to Radiohead and still think of a nice beat!”

I’m told that you are also passionate about boxing. Are there any big fights coming up that you are looking forward to, and have you ever boxed yourself?

“I love boxing, very true! But I’m not so interested in professional competition, I enjoy boxing as a fun, healthy pastime really. The only other person I’ve ever boxed with was POPOF during practice haha.”

Boxing is a high-energy sport that has an explosive energy similar to your music style. Does your music ever take influence from boxing or any other sports you follow?

“You’re spot on! Boxing is a very healthy way to let go of my extra energy, just like producing is. To answer your question, I’m not really sure, although there definitely is a sort of rhythmic beat to boxing and throwing punches. I’ll think of it next time I practice!”

Talking of other sporting activities, I understand that you enjoy hiking. What are some of your favourite hiking locations, and is there a walk/trek that you have always wanted to do?

“Hiking is definitely my favourite sporting activity because it’s so soothing. Whenever I feel stressed out I go on a nice hike and this helps me to switch my brain off. I’ve enjoyed trekking in Andorra, and another absolute highlight was Australia, in the Melbourne area. The view was breathtaking. I don’t have a preferred destination because they all have their own type of beauty. Walking for hours in Miami recently was such a great experience, for example.”

You are also passionate about movies, and I wanted to ask if you could list some of your all-time favourite films?

“My ‘favourite movies’ list evolves all the time because I always find new ones that amaze me! I must say, the most recent movie I watched, which impressed me a lot, was a French movie, ‘Kompromat’. Another movie I’ve really loved was ‘Colonia’ – I even named an EP after it!”

Can you tell me about your new ‘Arpeggio’ track with Hi-Lo a.k.a Oliver Heldens?

“The melody was actually set by Oliver more than 10 years ago when he was just 17! He’d never finished the track, so when we hung out together in Bali last year we thought we’d give it a try. I am so proud of the result.”

‘Arpeggio’ is a collaboration with HI-LO, so I wanted to ask how you guys met, and if this is your first time working on music together?

“We started chatting online though social media a couple years ago and we instantly hit it off. He’s such a cool, genuine person. We released a collaborative track last year, ‘Mercury’, which was one of 2022’s biggest Techno number ones. ‘Arpeggio’ is our second collaboration.”

Your first collaboration, ‘Mercury’ with HI-LO came out on Reinier Zonneveld’s record label Filth On Acid. Can you tell us about your relationship with Reinier Zonneveld, and how you guys first made contact?

“We both appreciate and have worked with Reinier, and have released music on his label so the choice was easy; Filth on Acid is such a powerhouse.”

What’s coming up in your schedule, do you have any gigs or other new releases you are excited about?

“A million things are coming up, really. I’ve just returned from ULTRA Music Festival, Miami where I played with POPOF on the Resistance Megastructure stage (POPOF x Space 92 present: Turbulences is one of techno music’s biggest breakthrough acts of the past year). I’m heading soon to ULTRA Brazil and Peru and I’ve got several releases planned throughout the year so, I’m good!”

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, is there a message for fans or anything you want to add before we finish? 

“Thank you for your time. I will always be grateful and blessed to have such amazing support from everyone around the world who enjoys my music and supports me.”

You can pick up a copy of Space 92 and HI-LO’s new single ‘Arpeggio‘ from HERE.



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