RAMMÖ Provide Flow Sessions A Deep & Organic Mix With Funky Undertones

A talented DJ/producer who also runs the highly respected record label, Klassified.

RAMMÖ have a deep/downtempo style with organic sounds and undertones of funk.

Originally from France but now living in Holland, RAMMÖ regularly travels to DJ at events across Europe and other parts of the world.

Not only are they talented DJs and skilled producers, RAMMÖ also run the highly respected record label Klassified, which has released tantalising tracks by artists ranging from Audiofly to Madmotormiquel.

Alongside dropping tracks and remixes on their own record label, RAMMÖ have also produced music for other influential imprints including When We Dip’s XYZ and Dantze.

RAMMÖ extended 3 hour and 33 minute mix for Flow Sessions is full of trippy atmosphere and chugging grooves. It’s a mystifying mix that releases a steady flow of energy while switching between genres to ensure there is never a monotonous moment.

Words from the artist: How many of us look at the time and it is always 22:22 or 11:11 and so on? For some people, it doesn’t mean anything and they call it a simple coincidence, but for others like me, or other ‘Flow-ers’ it means that you are at the right place, merging with the flow of life or that someone is thinking of you! I locked myself up for this 3:33:33.33.33 sets (yes it’s all about details)standing in front of my CDs, and CDJs, and started recording this set. It all started with a joint and ended up in a disco-ish party passing through some weird, joyful and acid-ish flows. This set is a good representation of what I love to play depending on the gigs. A wide range of carefully selected music and a lot of upcoming tracks, collabs, edits and remixes produced over these last two crazy years! You are at the right place and I am thinking of you and our next dances. Time to let it flöw and enjoy the journey!


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