Rabih Rizk Drops New EP ‘Come With Me’

Out now via Baikal Nomads the release also features remixes by Dario Klein, Matija and Richard Elcox.

Rabih Rizk is a rising star of the organic house/indie dance scene, and his new release is out now via Baikal Nomads.

The release titled “Come With Me” features two of Rabih Rizk’s original tracks plus remixes by Dario Klein, Matija and Richard Elcox. All of the tracks have strong melodies and flowing percussion rhythms that make the tracks perfect for the dance floor.

Based in Beirut, Rabih Rizk is a Lebanese artist whose sound is a mix of immersive synths and trippy percussion sounds that form melodic grooves with deep atmosphere.

All of the artists who provide remixes are from Germany. Dario Klein’s solo remix lifts the energy to transform the organic house original into melodic house/techno. Matija and Richard Elcox collaborate on their remix and instead drop the tempo to put their own spin on things.

First up is “Baraka” which has an intense sound that’s full of contrasting textures that combine to create a trippy atmosphere. Dario Klein’s remix of “Baraka” keeps the original’s pads, but strips back much of the percussion and adds guitar chords that add a laidback vibe to the track. “Come With Me” is a jerking track with stabbing melodies and juddering percussion layered with rippling pads.  Matija & Richard Elcox’s remix of Come With Me is a dramatic transformation with shuffling organic percussion and the rubbery tones of an acid bassline.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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