IV-IN Drops Mini Album ‘So Many Nights’

The five track release is out now via Leveldva.

IV-IN is a talented DJ and producer who is best known for his unique organic house style that blends rock guitar with sequenced beats and his own haunting vocals.

He has previously worked with record labels such as Cafe De Anatolia, Underyourskin Records, Magician On Duty and The Gardens of Babylon, but his new release is a mini album on Leveldva.

The release only includes five tracks, but each of them has been produced with a flow and continuity that gives the release the feel of a well-thought-out album.

Each of the five tracks on this release has a stripped-back sound with sparse percussion and moody atmosphere. “The Moon is Rising” has lyrics about the sun setting after what sounds like a sleepless night. “Crawling on My Knees” reminisces about a passionate experience and the lyrics are fused with a piano chord instead of the guitar that’s in all the other tracks.

“Run to the River” has a chugging groove with breezy synths and a deep bassline, while “Save Us” is a mystical track with lyrics about looking for redemption. “Insane” closes out the release in cinematic style, as it’s a song about losing control and losing touch with reality after living a life of excess.

Overall, it’s a very well-produced and skilfully written release that would be a nice way to switch up the mood of a DJ set, but the tracks are also well suited to home listening, as they have such strong lyrical content.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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