New Batman Movie Has Scene Filmed In London’s Printworks Nightclub

The music venue is clearly shown in the trailer of the film which will be releases in March 2022.

The Batman is a forthcoming movie about DC Comics’ iconic crime-fighting superhero.

Some of the scenes in the new movie were filmed in the London, UK based nightclub Printworks, which each weekend is usually rammed with 5,000 sweaty clubbers dancing to some of the world’s best DJs.

To venue regulars, Printworks is easily recognisable in the background of The Batman movie, which is directed by Matt Reeves, and scheduled for cinema release in March 2022.

Hints of the new Batman filming in London first came from reports in Southwark News of people seeing the “bat signal” lighting up the sky in the Canada Water region of South London, and the Evening Standard later released pictures that confirmed the London filming.

Robert Pattinson is now known to be the actor playing the starring role as Batman and his civilian alter ego, Bruce Wayne, in the new movie. Talking about his part in the movie during an interview with Variety, he described the Batman costume by saying: “You do feel very powerful immediately.” In the interview he also gave fans some insight into the new iteration of the crime fighter, saying his characterisation focuses a lot on “the delineation over when he’s Batman and when he’s Bruce.”

“In other versions, he really knows what he’s doing when he puts on the cowl. He’s a bit out of control. He hasn’t really defined what Batman is. He puts it on every night. He isn’t sleeping. He’s becoming this sort of odd creature.”

Originally the film was planned to be out already but was postponed due to the pandemic. The nightclub scene shows Printworks in full swing and adds a nice little easter egg for clubbers who are also movie fans.

You can watch the trailer for the movie below…


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