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Retza chats about Melbourne, his new EP ‘Feel’ & hopes for 2022

The talented DJ & producer also joined us for 333 Sessions 038!

Retza collaborates regularly with YokoO, and has released music on Get Physical, Kindisch and All Day I Dream.

Retza is an artist living in Melbourne, Australia who has proven himself a skilled DJ playing at festivals and large events such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Let Them Eat Cake, Chi Wow Wah Town, and Pitch Music & Arts. He has also played international tours, including a headline set in Dubai for an event held by Lee Burridge’s iconic All Day I dream.

Most recently, Retza put out a four-track solo EP called Feel on Yoko’s label Satya, and it’s an atmospheric collection of tracks that showcase his deep and dubby style of stripped-back house.

We are honoured to have him record this extended 3 hour and 33 minutes set for 333 Sessions, he also took the time to answer a few questions…

Hi Retza, it’s great to be chatting with you today. How did you find the format for 333, and what type of vibe/energy were you trying to capture?

Thanks for having me! I came with an idea to build the mix over time, progressing from deeper to a more dancier kind of style. I planned the start and end but gave myself space to be spontaneous in the middle, envisioning how I think a dance floor would respond. I wanted it to feel like you are on a dance floor even when listening at home, and hopefully, I achieved that!

At what age did you first find your love for music, and when did you start DJing/producing music?

My parents have a deep love for music that was instilled in me from the moment I was in the womb. From a young age, I was always searching for new music, and that became a natural progression into DJing. I started producing around 20-years-old when my curiosity led me to try making the music I love. I actually started making music before becoming a DJ, as I first started DJing as a way to play my own tracks to other people, which later merged with my love of digging for new music.

Tell us a bit more about your recent EP Feel?

I am really proud with this release. It feels really good to release music that I am proud of, and I’m excited to share. The product, design and vision put together by the team at Satya label is something I feel super grateful to be part of. It includes music I created over the past year and showcases my love for spacey house music with a low-lit dance floor in mind.

Many feel the places we grow up in have a powerful effect on our creative energy. Please tell us a bit about Melbourne (or other cities) you feel influenced your sound and direction?

The diversity of music and culture in Melbourne is extremely unique and has influenced me greatly. There is so much talent here, and not only in the electronic music scene. Almost every night of the week you can go and see live music and DJs that are on a world-class level, and that’s in addition to the local music being created here. I never stop learning and being creative, so what I hear in my local surroundings has always influenced me.

Outside of DJing, producing music… how do you spend your time?

Running has become a staple in my day-to-day life. I’ve always loved exercise, but running has really improved me. It has changed my life and given me a lot of clarity. In recent years, photography has also become a passion of mine, especially pictures of landscapes from my time travelling. As my skills improve, I have now also gotten more into portraits, and capturing moments from my life.

What are you hoping 2022 holds for you?

Like most others, I’m hoping for some sense of normality so we can go back to living, and appreciating life’s simple pleasures. Covid has given me a great perspective on what is important to me, which is music and connecting with people. So, hopefully, more releases, gigs and travel!

Do you have a message for your supporters or anything else you want to add?

Just a big fat thank you with a hug and a kiss. It is a blessing to do something you love, and have lots of love and support for it. I have already received some great feedback about this mix and my recent EP, which I’ll be forever grateful for. I have a deep love for music, so it’s great being able to connect and share it with others.

You can buy a copy of Retza’s Feel EP on Yoko’s label Satya from HERE


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