Nau Squaglia’s Album ‘Midnight Blues’ Gets New Remixes

Out now, the release features new reworks of tracks taken from his 2022 full length LP.

Nau Squaglia is a talented Spanish artist who in 2022 dropped an exquisite organic house album titled ‘Midnight Blues’.

Midnight Blues was released via the Earthly Delights record label, which has a catalogue featuring music from other artists such as Be Svendsen, Hraach and Armen Miran.

Earthly Delights has just released the second part of the album titled Midnight Blues Remixes which includes new remix versions by Sealtian, Sides, Agustin Ficarra, Francesco Mami, Maezbi, Tayu, Purpura, Arteforma, Ivan Sandhas and Monner.

A selection of the original tracks from the album have got a new version that expands what was already a release full of majestic splendour.

There is a huge selection to choose from, including multiple different versions of the tracks “Relentless” and “Inner Voice” which were two of the more popular cuts from the original album.

All of the tracks have spacious atmosphere with delicate synths, Tayu’s remix of “Reminiscence” builds continuous suspense as one of the release’s highlights, and Francesco Mami’s techy remix of “Relentless” adds a nice contrast with the other more organic tracks.

There is a lot to unpack from this ten-track release, and some of the DJs already supporting tracks include Timo Maas, Acid Pauli, Unders, Atish and John Digweed.

You can buy a copy HERE.


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