Julien Earle Drops New Single ‘Your Affection’

It’s out now via his Reflection record label.

Julien Earle drops new track ‘Your Affection’ via his record label Reflection, and it’s a peak time techno track with powerful vocals.

Known for his tracks on labels like UMEK’s 1605 and Spektre’s Respekt, Julien Earle is an American artist who also runs a popular YouTube channel sharing electronic music production tips and tricks.

Reflection is Julien Earle’s own record label, and he uses it as an outlet for the music he releases under his own name, plus the other aliases he uses to produce genres other than techno.

This latest offering from Julien Earle features his trademark chunky kick drum and fizzing high-end percussion that creates a driving energy perfect for the dance floor.

He uses stabbing synths and a string pad to build tension as the track approaches the main breakdown that introduces the emotive male vocal that’s the defining feature of Your Affection.

Laced with euphoria, the breakdown ramps up the tension with an epic, hands in the air moment before the kick drum slams back into the groove.

Very much in line with what people expect from labels such as UMEK’s 1605 and Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid, this is stadium techno at its very best, and perfectly timed for the summer festival season.

Out now, you can buy a copy HERE


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