Misstress Barbara Drops New EP ‘Consensuality’

The three-track release is out via her own record label, Iturnem.

Misstress Barbara is a trailblazing techno artist whose career started in the ‘90s when she became one of the first female superstar DJs.

Voted inside DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s at a time when there was only a handful of non-male DJs in the poll, she has been a trailblazing artist who helped inspire future generations.

Most recently, she has decided to reinvigorate her classic record label Iturnem and revitalise the imprint for a modern generation of techno fans.

Iturnem’s first release was in 2003 and the imprint was focused mainly on Misstress Barbara’s own tracks when she wasn’t releasing on other labels such as Carl Cox’s Intec, Christian Smith’s Tronic or John Digweed’s Bedrock.

Others to also feature original music on Iturnem ranged from hard techno legend DJ Preach to experimental minimal techno artist Pheek.

The imprints sound evolved from slamming techno to deep tech, but has now gone full circle as Iturnem’s rebirth features three peak time techno tracks from Misstress Barbara herself titled the ‘Consensuality’ EP.

Consensuality showcases the timeless style that Misstress Barbara has become known for, as it features modern production with old-school hypnotics and fast-paced rhythms.

It’s already picking up support by people like Christian Smith, Wehbba, Sian, Marco Faraone and you can purchase a copy HERE.


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