Australia’s ‘UNFURL’ Experimental Music Festival Takes Place This Month

Run by the Soft Centre promoters, it runs at multiple locations across Sydney between the 24th and 27th of November.

The four-day event will be spread across Sydney with a mixture of music, talks and art installations.

Soft Centre is an Australian promoter based in Sydney that is curating an experimental music and arts festival this November called, UNFURL.

Running between the 24th and 27th of November, UNFURL will take place across six sites spread over Sydney including churches, an abandoned cinema, an empty office space and the Royal Botanic Garden.

Included as part of the festival’s numerous events will be audio-visual exhibitions, workshops and discussions. There will also be parties with DJs and live acts for people to rave the night away to with sets from artists including ABADIR, Anuraag, E3P, Senyawa and more.

One of the workshops is “Lost Futures of Me at the Zoo” which is a discussion about the potential of YouTube being used as a DJ tool. It’s an interesting topic, as YouTube is a great source for finding new music or digging out old tracks. Also, no doubt lots of us have experienced dancing around a laptop with someone playlisting tracks on YouTube at a late-night afterparty when there isn’t another music option available and there is a valid discussion around what point that playlist selector becomes classed as a DJ.

You can find tickets and more info HERE


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