K2W0 Drops New Two Part ‘Worry EP’

Out via Kamai Music it features remixes by SAQIB, Lost Boy and Jacob Groening.

K2W0 is an organic house artist from London, UK, whose new release is out via Jacob Groening’s Kamai Music.

Split into two halves, K2W0’s new release orientates around two tracks titled “Sometimes” and “Aint No Sunshine” where each mix is an assortment of different sample sources to create a unique sound.

Alongside the original tracks are remixes by SAQIB and Jacob Groening who each provide a reworked version of Aint No Sunshine, and Lost Boy delivers a remix of Sometimes.

This is the first time that K2W0 has featured on Kamai Music, but he has previously featured on record labels ranging from KataHaifisch to Talpa Records.

SAQIB is an American artist known for his music on labels including Sol Selectas and Abracadabra Music. Jacob Groening has released many times via Kamai Music in addition to working with other outlets such as Cosmic Awakenings and 3000 Grad Records. Lost Boy is a Canadian whose music takes influence from his Asian heritage, and he has been featured on the likes of Bar 25 and Kosa.

Aint No Sunshine is the first of the two parts and it features iconic lyrics from an old Bill Withers track that have been washed in trippy effects and blended with a sombre saxophone and emotive chords. Its shuffling percussion and pulsating bassline create a very unique-sounding track that would stand out in any DJ set. SAQIB takes a disco-influenced approach with his remix that strips out the saxophone, and Jacob Groening takes a deeper angle with his stripped-back version.

“Sometimes” is the original track on the second part, and it’s got a choppy guitar sample and fluttering saxophone fused with a gritty vocal that sounds like it’s from an old blues record. It’s got a slightly more downtempo vibe than the other release, but it’s non the less distinctive with a memorable sound.

Lost Boy’s remix of Sometimes is an understated version with the addition of a floaty melody synth and teased parts from the original. It’s got a stripped-back sound with a trippy breakdown section and added percussion to increase its dance floor appeal.

You can pick up a copy of Part 1 from HERE, and a copy of Part 2 from HERE.


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