Just Emma Provides Flow Sessions A Spellbinding Mix Of Deep House

The duo of German artists are famed for running Underyourskin Records.

Just Emma are talented melodic house artists who run Underyourskin Records.

Despite their name, Just Emma is actually a duo rather than a solo artist called Emma, and they are known for their incredible productions and immersive DJ sets.

Just Emma is a partnership between Alex and Saskia who share a passion for organic house with melodic grooves and atmospheric sounds. They also head up the highly respected record label, Underyourskin Records.

They have released many of their own productions via Underyourskin Records, but have also featured on other influential imprints such as Katermukke, Sol Selectas, 3000Grad and Connaisseur Recordings.

When it comes to playing DJ sets, their diverse and eclectic mix of melodic styles helps them enchant the dance floor with spellbinding vibes that people find hard to resist.

This epic 3-hour and 33-minute mix transcends genres and moods with an eclectic mix of sounds that ensure there is never a dull moment in this exceptional mix…

Words from the artist: “Normally, podcasts are easy to do and being motivated, one goes to work in exciting anticipation to let the latest delicacies and accumulated “podcast records” shine.
At 3hrs 33min though, the situation is different. We rummaged deep in the record crate, full of enthusiasm knowing exactly what was being played. Dissatisfied with the result and a musical existential crisis not far away, we reflected and rethought the essence of our music: who are we and what do we want anyway? With detective acumen, we conducted acquisitions for weeks and dove into old and new realms in search of the undefinable. Back to the roots…
Neverending after hours, that’s us…
Colourful, exuberant, deep, dark, melancholic, sexy, quirky, lazy and always in search of endlessness, And you never know what’s coming…
A vulnerable intimacy that you share with loving tolerance with other stranded people and collectively sink into the moment.
Letting yourself drift together, making time an elastic concept. letting yourself go in the endlessness of the moment, far removed from reality.
A warm blanket of intimacy

The early bird catches the worm…”


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