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James Martin Provides 333 Sessions A Mix Of Deep & Organic House

He is a talented DJ from Melbourne, Australia who has also released music on 3rd Avenue.

James Martin is a talented DJ from Melbourne, Australia who is known for having a deep and organic sound with melodic grooves.

He is well-known on the local Melbourne club scene for his event Metaphysic which he runs with Dengelman. Not only is James Martin a talented DJ, he has also produced tracks released by record labels such as 3rd Avenue.

His eloquent DJ set for 333 Sessions is an immersive mix that seamlessly transitions between atmospheric deep house and sublime organic house. It’s a well-programmed mix that showcases his talents for maintaining a steady flow of energy while also creating an immersive atmosphere.

Words from the artist: “Over the last few years I’ve found a lot of solace in the 333 sessions, so It’s a been a dream come true to be able to contribute to its legacy.

With this in mind, I wanted to explore the concept of dreams as a theme in this mix. The waking dream of the collective we unknowingly bring to reality. The dreams as individuals we hope and strive for and the lucid waking dream we experience daily.

I looked for music in my collection that could help me create a narrative around the illusive and mystical nature of our unconscious lives and deepest imaginations.

Stylistically, this mix is quite emotional and not without it’s dark corners. It traverses a few genres along the way and I’ve tried to underpin it with a deep and constant groove to see it through.

I hope you enjoy my little odyssey as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.


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