German Brigante Drops New EP ‘Dharma’

The release is out now via Sol Seletas and also features remixes by Rodrigo Gallardo and Namito.

Sol Selectas had a big year in 2022 and the record label closes out the annum with a new EP from German Brigante.

German Brigante uses the release to express the deep and cinematic side of his sound which draws reference from different cultures outside of his Spanish heritage. Asian and Arabic melodies can be heard on this release along with traditional instruments and vocals from those cultures.

There are four original tracks by German Brigante plus reworks from Namito and Rodrigo Gallardo who are both established names within the Sol Selectas catalogue.

Namito has produced organic house tracks similar to the originals on this release, but he is also respected within the melodic house/techno scene. Having released on labels like John Digweed’s Bedrock, his remix on this release draws reference to that side of his diverse sound.

Rodrigo Gallardo is a Chilean artist whose sound takes instruments and melodies from his cultural heritage and mixes them with downtempo electronic beats. His music has also been released by imprints including Cercle Records and Underyourskin.

“Mahesha” kickstarts proceedings with its dramatic bass chords, sitar strings and shuffling percussion before the uplifting vocals and rising synth pads of “Khooli Rah”.

“Parvati Maa” has an immersive sound with enchanting female vocals and ethereal atmospherics. Namito’s remix of Parvati Maa lifts the tempo and chops up the vocal to create a hypnotic groove full of suspense.

“Rabba” has an Asian influence within its mesmerising vocals and poignant synth melodies that give the track a haunting vibe. Rodrigo Gallardo’s remix of Rabba adds a sitar and brings out the percussion while also pushing back the vocal to create a trippy atmosphere.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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