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Amelia Mae Provides 333 Sessions With A Dynamic Mix Of Progressive House

She is a talented DJ from Melbourne who has played many of Australia’s most prestigious events.

Amelia Mae is a DJ from Melbourne who won the Australian edition of the Pioneer Pro DJ Search.

Amelia Mae is a legend of the Australian club scene who has been a DJ since 2000, and during that time she has played many of the country’s most prestigious festivals and events such as Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Earth Frequency and many more.

Her prowess as a DJ earned her international recognition after she won the Australian edition of the Pioneer Pro DJ Search, which led to her playing gigs everywhere from Ibiza to Thailand. She won that competition under her old alias of Sorceress, but these days she uses her birth name, Amelia Mae. During her career, she has also warmed up for many international artists that have been booked to play in Australia, including the likes of Wehbba, Dosem, Citizen Kain and Adana Twins.

More than just a DJ, Amelia Mae’s first introduction to music was when she played the flute as a child, and she has recently turned her attention to producing music. Using her knowledge of melody and chord progressions, she makes majestic, melodic music that is immersive and uplifting. Her innate knowledge of what works on the dance floor has also been translated into the music she makes and Amelia Mae’s tracks can be found on labels such as For The Record, Play This! Records, Ready Mix Records and LuPS Records.

Words from the artist: “WOW! What a whirlwind it’s all been!!! Many ups & downs over the past few years, creatively though, I’m back in my flow & what an honour it’s been to put together this piece of art. For me the difficulties over the past few years meant solid focus & dedication into production & making music that I guess reflects where we’re at & essentially that we need to bring ‘More Chi’ into this world to create harmony & balance. The mix goes on a journey with tracks featuring vocals such as ‘Where Is Our Love,’?? Exactly, where is this? We sure need more, now more than ever. We need to project love & what better way to do this than through music. I hope the positive vibes from this mix will reach far & wide & that the energy of this melodic collaboration will stir in you just as it has in me a lot of emotions, & determination to make this world better. I’ve included 4 originals in the mix & it’s been a real pleasure to blend my art into this composition.

The mix begins with a track I’ve co-written with a symphonic break, introducing the musical aspect for the entire mix. From there it journeys with a steady build to a dance floor set where my intention is that the listener will want to dance wherever they are, being that driving, making dinner, at a party, where-ever this mix is played. And from there, journeys through to more deeper organic & progressive house styles. ‘Yoorana,’ (Aboriginal for loving), another track I’ve co-written features within the first 90 mins & has a sensuous chord progression, a chilled vibe which switches the mix away from the dance floor & to another dimension of sound design for the listener’s pleasure. Lots of vocals throughout & house music of various styles collaborated together where the mix kind of almost hovers back & fourth going into a dance track & back to a more relaxed style.

It’s been brilliant to put this together for the Flow Music Family & for you the listener. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have & I hope it sparks a creativity in you, a hidden love or passion & I hope that you pass on this love to others. Enjoy! Mua from me, what a ride is life!”


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