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Ae:ther tells us about his new album on Crosstown Rebels

Includes a premiere of the title track “Me”

Ae:ther exploded onto the scene following a series of releases on Tale Of Us’s label Afterlife Records.

Ae:ther first made a name for himself through collaborations with Mind Against, but is now best known for his solo work. After remixing a Damian Lazarus track on Crosstown Rebels, he is now back on the imprint with a debut solo album.

We are proud to present this interview and exclusive premiere of the albums title track “Me”…

Hi Ae:ther, please can you start by telling us about what inspired you to make music?

Basically everything can inspire creativity; travelling, watching a movie, reading poetry or a novel, listen to classical music, reading a biography of historical musicians, or just watching and living the simple things in life without working all the time. I think it’s important to stop being obsessed on creation. During the production process, I found inspiration on silence, ambience, or simply background sounds. For me, the creation of a melody or a beat comes from silence, the peace and the serenity.

Could you talk us through your track Me and the album of the same title that it features on?

If you listen carefully you hear that the track has a vocal saying ‘me’. I thought it was a good idea to explain my album thought this word that represents myself, my musical environment and my world of making music.

How many times have you released on Crosstown Rebels, and how do you know the guys from the label?

Crosstown Rebels signed many of my favourite artists during my teenage years… Mathew Johnson, Minilogue and many more. I reached out to Damian Lazarus when I saw him play some of my music released on Afterlife. I believe it was ‘Endaevour’. I thought was a good idea to send him some music. So far I released one EP called ‘Stardancer’ in late March this year as well as a remix for Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons’ track ‘All I Need To Get High’ in April. You can hear both in most of my live sets.

Is this your first album and how did it compare to putting an EP together?

Yes, this is my debut album and it’s actually different from an EP in that it’s years of work and research for something fresh that’s then growing and maturing over the years. It’s so different to create an entire piece of work. It’s more kind of a journey and the ability to create something that you can listen to everywhere from start to end. A single or EP is the condensed essence of an artist work compressed into a few tracks.

When does your album “Me” hit stores?

Ae:ther – ‘Me’ is available on November 15th in all online stores and on vinyl!

Is there anything else you would like to let our readers know about?

I can say that this is one of the biggest works I did with the Ae:ther project and I really hope there will be other great things to come in the following years.

You can pick up a copy of the album from HERE


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