Moscoman Talks Photography & His New Release On Crosstown Rebels

He is an Israeli DJ and producer who’s known for his music on labels ranging from Life And Death to Diynamic.

Moscoman recently dropped a new EP on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels.

Moscoman is an Israeli artist from Tel Aviv who has merged his eclectic mix of influences into a unique electronic music style that sits somewhere between Indie dance and melodic house/techno.

A skilled DJ whose sets transcend a wide range of genres, Moscoman has travelled the world to headline events in places ranging from Spain to Mexico.

He also heads up the Disco Halal record label in addition to releasing his music on other scene-leading imprints such as Life And Death, Diynamic and Correspondant.

Most recently, Moscoman dropped a new release on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels and we caught up with him to find out more about his new EP plus passions outside of music…

Hi Chen, it’s great to be talking with you today. What part of the world are you currently based in, and how would you describe the local music scene?

Thanks, these days I’m in Los Angeles, the music scene here is super cool, many things are happening all the time in all genres which is great to see.

How was your summer, did you play any stand-out gigs or festivals, and what was your main Highlight?

I think that the highlight for this summer were all my Mayan Warrior gigs in Austin, NYC, and Burning Man, which I haven’t really experienced before, so it was something really fresh and new for me

Talking of the summer, I’m told you are also into photography, and I wanted to ask if summer was a good time for this passion, as I understand that natural light can sometimes help get better pictures?

Natural light is always the best, and this summer was really great for photos, I need to post more stuff that I take as I always forget to do so. Maybe one day I’ll do an exhibition.

What kind of photography are you most interested in, and in your opinion, what makes the perfect picture?

I don’t have a certain kind, because I’m not a professional, so it goes between street photography and moments that I capture whilst touring and travelling.

Also, is there anywhere online where people can find some of your pictures?

I guess at the moment you can find them on my Instagram page @moscoman

On the subject of imagery, how important is sleeve art on music releases, and is it a factor when choosing record labels to work with?

I think the artwork is as important as the music, or at least it is when the music is good, not even the best artwork can make a tune sound better or be more interesting. Usually my wife and I create our own artwork for Disco Halal and all my releases.

Your next release is out on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, and I’d love to know more about this release and its concept?

I’m not a concept guy too much. I just gathered a couple of tracks that I thought Damian Lazarus would love and sent them over. Thankfully I was right and this release came to light! It’s also featuring a tune with a feature of one of my fave acts, Zoot Woman, which I’m super proud of! Check it out

Your new Crosstown Rebels release features Alan Dixon, and I love to know more about him, plus how you guys met?

I met him randomly on my twitch show after I had invited people to send demos and help young artists with their first steps. We connected and I remixed something for his label, so naturally, I asked him if he was up for remixing this and he did!

Is this your first time working with Crosstown Rebels, and how did you first make contact with Damian Lazarus?

I’ve known Damian for years, and I remixed one a tune on Ae:ther’s album. Honestly, I just texted him with the music, and he was up for doing something together

Could you list a couple of the melodic tracks that you have been playing in your sets recently?

Andrew Weatherall – Walk of shame, Superpitcher – Baby’s on fire, Nors Kode – For you

Thanks for taking the time to chat today, is there a message for fans or anything else you would like to add before we finish?

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you like this new EP, I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

You can pre-order a copy of Moscoman’s new ‘Adventura’ EP on Crosstown Rebels from HERE


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