Online Petition For April 17th To Become World Drum & Bass Day

The date matches the average 174 BPM speed of the genre.

The petition has been launched on by The Blast UK, and hopes to attract 10,000 signatories so that the application can be forwarded to the UK Government’s Culture, Media and Sport Division.

The petition’s text reads: “Drum & Bass, which emerged from the iconic British Jungle scene in the 1990s, has undoubtedly been one of the country’s best exports in the last 30 years. During this time, the boundaries of sound production by producers, DJs and organizers were expanded and explored not only in the UK, but in all corners of the world – making Drum & Bass a global community.”

Anyone who has a love of music would love to have a national holiday in honour of their favourite genre. So, if this leads to something positive, then all the more power to those involved.

For those willing to pledge their support, you can sign the petition HERE

H/T: Faze Mag


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